Rivian R1T gets serious off-road treatment–now it looks like the Cybertruck’s less triangular cousin

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The Rivian R1T is a powerful and fast truck, but it is not exactly the most intimidating on the road. Its rounded “stadium” headlights give the R1T a pretty soft look, and its sleek body panels give it a very modern feel. For Apocalypse Manufacturing, the Rivian R1T’s factory look betrays its power, so the company went ahead and created an off-road monster. 

The result was the Apocalypse Nirvana, a lifted Rivian R1T that’s been so modified with serious off-road equipment, it looks like it is ready to take on a dystopian future. With its angular panels and sharp edges, it almost looks like the Tesla Cybertruck’s less triangular — and perhaps more conventionally attractive — cousin. 

It is very evident that the Apocalypse Nirvana is a Rivian unlike any other. As per SoFlo Customs and Apocalypse Manufacturing owner Joe Ghattas, he was inspired to modify the R1T because the vehicle is actually very impressive, despite its understated appearance. 

“I would have never given that car a second thought. It looks like a Kia on the outside. But jump in it and it’s lightning fast and the ride is really impressive. I was looking at this and it has nearly 1,000 horsepower. It does zero to 60 in like two seconds, but it’s ugly as sin on the outside, so that’s what we went to fix. 

“We rebodied the entire truck, jacked it up so it can clear 38-inch tires, put a nice skid plate on the bottom so you can actually take this thing off-roading. They’ve done all the hard work by figuring out the torque vectoring and electric drive setup; all I had to do was make it taller and keep it intact,” Ghattas said. 

Modifying the R1T, however, was no small task. In comments to The Drive, Ghattas stated that Apocalypse Manufacturing ended up fabricating every single part of the truck’s upgraded suspension components. Working around the sensors of the R1T was also a challenge, and it took a lot of trial and error to get the off-road mods to work well with the R1T’s system. Keeping the R1T’s active safety features amidst all the extreme bodywork was no walk in the park either. 

Despite the hard work, Ghattas stated that the endeavor was completely worth it. In fact, he loves the R1T to such a degree that the wants to work with Rivian directly in the future. “I’m so incredibly impressed with the technology in the Rivian. I think it’s an amazing truck. Its only downside is the look, and someway, somehow if I could become Rivian’s Shelby or Brabus, I would love to be,” he said. 

The Apocalypse Nirvana, which is created from a quad-motor Rivian R1T, is expected to sell for about $150,000. 

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Rivian R1T gets serious off-road treatment–now it looks like the Cybertruck’s less triangular cousin
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