Rivian announces bidirectional charger with V2H as a future release

During Investor Day, Rivian talked about the future release of its bidirectional charger. 

Rivian recently held its first Investor Day after announcing its partnership with Volkswagen. During its presentation on Investor Day, Rivian informed investors that the first and second-generation R1T pickup truck and R1S vehicles are capable of up to 24 kW of bidirectional charging with a specific wall charger mount. 

According to Rivian Updates, Rivian R2 vehicles will also be capable of bidirectional charging up to 11 kW. Based on Rivian’s presentation, the company has thoroughly thought out its vehicles’ designs and prepared them for specific features. 

Over the past few months, many R1 Rivian owners have theorized that the vehicles are capable of bidirectional charging. However, Rivian did not release any specific details on the feature until its 2024 Investor Day. 

The company may release a software update unlocking bidirectional charging for R1 vehicles, given that even the first generation can use this feature. It would be interesting to see if Rivian releases the feature and charge extra for the wall charger mount needed to use vehicle-to-home bidirectional charging.

Rivian’s announcement about bidirectional charging capabilities in R1 and R1 vehicles provides a glimpse of the technology to which Volkswagen will gain access through its partnership. The German automaker may have significantly helped Rivian by taking a $5 billion stake in the company but it will not be a one-sided partnership. RJ Scaringe hinted that Rivian’s software and zonal electronics platform will be shared with Volkswagen Group. 

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Rivian announces bidirectional charger with V2H as a future release
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