Rivian’s planned Georgia factory becomes point of controversy in governor race

Credit: Rivian Automotive

Rivian’s planned electric vehicle plant in Georgia is becoming a rather strange target in the state’s Republican gubernatorial primary. According to former US Senator David Perdue, who is battling for the state’s gubernatorial seat against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, Rivian’s planned Georgia factory is a way for the current administration to “sell out” the state to benefit billionaire investor George Soros. 

“Brian Kemp is selling us out to George Soros. He’s pledged our tax dollars to lure a California company funded by George Soros to Georgia and is calling it ‘economic developmentThis bad deal is nothing more than a scheme by Kemp to promote himself in an election year at Georgians’ expense. Kemp thought he could get away with this under the guise of ‘economic development,’ but all he is doing here is selling us out and lining George Soros’s pockets. 

“Real economic development is straightforward. Growth should be organic, and the local community and its leaders should be involved in the process. Obviously, that is not the case here. Many members of the local community have expressed major concerns with having California-based, Soros-funded Rivian in their backyards. Like a typical 20-year career politician, Kemp is ignoring locals’ concerns and trying to cut them out of the process. When I’m Governor, we’ll prioritize growing Georgia jobs without lining George Soros’s pockets,” Perdue said

Rivian’s connection to the 91-year-old billionaire and investor comes from the company’s high-profile backers. While Rivian is a fairly new automaker that is still looking to hit its stride with its electric vehicle production, the company has attracted the interest of numerous institutional investors and Wall Street veterans. These include Soros Fund Management, which is estimated to hold about 2% of Rivian’s shares outstanding. This means that Soros Fund Management is likely the 10th largest Rivian shareholder, with investors like Amazon and BlackRock holding significantly larger holdings in the EV maker. 

A spokesperson for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has noted that the Kemp campaign is looking to hold a press conference this Tuesday as a means to respond to the Purdue campaign’s accusations. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’s campaign, for its part, referred to her previous statements about Rivian last December, which were quite supportive of the planned facility. 

Plans previously shared with Teslarati revealed that Rivian’s planned Georgia facility would be a massive complex with a total proposed square footage of 19,620,000 square feet within a 1,978-acre parcel of land. The complex would not only include facilities designed to produce vehicles; it would also feature an onsite vehicle delivery center and a massive electric vehicle charging station with 144 stalls. A training facility and event center, as well as a dedicated “Adventure Trail,” are also planned for the site. 

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Rivian’s planned Georgia factory becomes point of controversy in governor race
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