Watch Rivian R1S defy gravity and logic with incredible climb in Moab, Utah

Credit: RJ Scaringe | Twitter

Electric automaker Rivian is still working toward the first deliveries of its vehicles, but testing is going extremely well. This fact is evident in a recent video posted by company CEO RJ Scaringe, who is in Moab, Utah, with the all-electric SUV, which is displaying some incredible scaling capabilities up Moab’s steep rock formations.

A testament to Rivian’s impressive specifications regarding off-road performance and capabilities, Scaringe and Company took to an extremely steeply graded hill on one of Moab’s notorious rock formations to display the R1S’s incredible scaling. The company, which has promoted its vehicles as a perfect fit for the adventurer, continues to perform testing on its vehicles ahead of initial deliveries, which are now scheduled for September 2021, starting with the R1T pickup.

The video shows an R1S, wrapped in a salmon-colored skin, seemingly defying gravity and logic with the climb. The rock appears to be extremely sloped, and at first glance, is incredibly intimidating. However, the R1S manages to climb the rock formation with relative ease, further solidifying anyone’s doubts that this vehicle cannot handle the toughest offroad conditions that the world has to offer.

Unbelievably, the all-electric SUV had relatively no problems climbing up the hill and seemed to handle the aggressively steep incline with no real issues. There are small portions of tire spinning that result in screeching due to a loss of traction, but it never results in any backtracking or difficulty from the car. The R1S is truly impressive for this performance.

Rivian’s R1S can handle such challenging terrain thanks to its revolutionary design. The SUV has a 34.3-degree approach angle, giving tough terrains little credibility regarding whether they will be too much for the all-electric vehicle. Additionally, a ground clearance of 14.9 inches and a breakover of 28.9 degrees gives owners little worry about damaging the undercarriage of their car. These terrains were specifically put into mind when Rivian was designing its vehicles. The engineers were more than willing to create a series of vehicles that would give steep and challenging rock formations their long-awaited match.

Credit: Rivian

Rivian’s R1S is set to begin deliveries later this year as the Launch Edition of the SUV will make its way to customers soon. Additionally, the company offers an Adventure and Explore package that will offer exactly what each owner is looking for in a vehicle. The R1S starts at $70,000, and the latter two configurations of the vehicle will begin deliveries in January 2022.

Rivian is based in Normal, Illinois, but plans to open a second U.S. assembly plant, according to a new report.

Watch Rivian R1S defy gravity and logic with incredible climb in Moab, Utah
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