Rivian trademarks R1X, hinting toward potential flagship performance model

(Credit: Rivian Stories/Rivian Automotive)

Rivian has trademarked the R1X, which could be a potential hint toward a new, revitalized performance model of its flagship R1 lineup.

At its unveiling event for the R2 platform last week, Rivian stunned viewers and fans by launching both the R3 and R3X vehicles. The R3 is a smaller vehicle that the automaker notes is “tidy on dimensions” but packs a punch in terms of performance and off-road capabilities while also offering passenger comfort and storage.

The R3X, however, is the performance variant of the R3, and will offer “even more dynamic abilities both on and off-road,” the company wrote about the vehicle.

Rivian unveils R3 and R3X following launch of R2

It appears Rivian may be gearing up to add an X to its R1 lineup with a new trademark filing, first noticed by the Rivian Owners Forum.

While the trademark does not specify which vehicle it will potentially apply to, there is the possibility that Rivian could be planning for a performance configuration of both the R1T pickup and the R1S SUV.

The vehicle would immediately rival the “Plaid” powertrain that the Tesla Model X offers while also being fit for some incredible off-road and adventurous capabilities.

It seems more ideal to believe that Rivian will stick with applying only one of its vehicles with the R1X offering. As the automaker is still working through the early stages of EV scaling and working toward profitability, keeping a more refined and smaller product lineup would be ideal. Complexity is rarely a good idea when it comes to making money and working toward the company being profitable.

However, it is still important to bring forward competitive and exciting product offerings for customers to purchase potentially.

The full filing is available here.

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Rivian trademarks R1X, hinting toward potential flagship performance model
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