SpaceX launches 47 Starlink satellites, provides unique views on Twitter

B1075 lands on 'Of Course I Still Love You' following a successful launch (Credit SpaceX)

47 more Starlink satellites are now in orbit after a successful launch atop a Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

The 47 Version 1.5 satellites launched at 12:19 a.m. PT (07:19 UTC) on a 43-degree orbital inclination. Following stage separation, the Falcon 9, Booster 1075, landed on the droneship ‘Of Course I Still Love You.’

This time, a bit of a different launch for SpaceX as the second stage performed a dog-leg maneuver and flew over the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, making it the lowest orbital inclination launch from the West Coast of the United States.

This is not the first time SpaceX has had the second stage fly over land as they have flown over Cuba during roughly the same stage of flight after launching from Florida on a polar orbit launch.

During this part of the flight, the second stage is high enough in altitude and moving fast enough, to where, if there would be an anomaly, a vast majority of the vehicle would burn up in the atmosphere and not pose any risk to anyone on the ground.

With this launch, SpaceX has now launched 4,642 Starlink satellites, and of those, 3,688 are in their operational orbits, according to Jonathan McDowell’s Starlink tracker.

Completing this launch was Booster 1075 on its 4th flight, previously launching two Starlink missions and the Transport & Tracking Layer flight 1. This launch marked the 40th Falcon 9 mission of the year and the 42nd orbital launch for SpaceX. Overall that is now 206 consecutive successful Falcon 9 missions.

A new way to view the launch was announced by SpaceX shortly before launch where you could switch between camera views on Twitter. It offered a unique way to follow the mission as it progressed.

This feature gave you the option to switch between the main webcast, a view from droneship, a view from B1075 looking down towards the base of the rocket, and a view from the second stage. There were also additional views of the launch pad itself, but it appears the replays of those views have been removed. Hopefully, we can see more of this for launches going forward.

Next up for SpaceX is another batch of Starlink satellites, this time from Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, no earlier than Friday morning, pending confirmation from SpaceX.

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SpaceX launches 47 Starlink satellites, provides unique views on Twitter
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