SpaceX Starlink supports autonomous real-time drone security system

(Credit: RDARS)

SpaceX Starlink supports RDARS Inc., a company in the early stages of developing autonomous robotics and drone solutions for real-time security systems. 

With SpaceX’s Starlink data connectivity, RDARS recently completed the initial development and testing phase of its Eagle Nest Off-Grid solution. Through Eagle Next, the company provides solar power, communications, and shelter to its Eagle Eye drone. RDARS drones can be deployed within the SpaceX Starlink operational network. 

SpaceX’s Starlink has become the internet solution for people living in areas where connection may be difficult. Starlink has proven to be a reliable internet service provider in varying environments. For instance, Ukraine uses Starlink internet to maintain communication among the troops and families displaced by the war against Russia. 

Since launching Starlink, SpaceX has released a few iterations of its internet service to fit different needs. SpaceX launched Starlink Starshield to provide internet service to governments and support national security. There is also Starlink for RVs and Starlink Maritime for boats. SpaceX is also working with airlines to offer Starlink internet service during flights. 

RDARS seems to stand for Real-Time Drone Alarm Response System. Given Starlink Starshield’s applications, SpaceX’s internet service may work well with RDARS technology. 

The company is developing the Eagle Watch Platform, a beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) certified fully autonomous drone in a box system for security alarm augmentation. RDARS Eagle Watch Platform system is built for residential, commercial, and industrial use. 

“The Eagle Watch Platform being developed by the Company would combine a fully autonomous drone system, a ground drone station to house and secure the drone, an indoor autonomous ground robotic system as well as a remote manned monitoring and response control center,” describes RDARS. 

Eagle Watch has four main components:

  • Eagle Eye drones
  • Eagle Nest ground base drone stations
  • Eagle Rover autonomous indoor robots
  • The Eagle Watch command and control facility 

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SpaceX Starlink supports autonomous real-time drone security system
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