Starlink Maritime

Starlink Maritime is now available for ocean-going vessels.

Credit: Starlink

SpaceX announced a new Starlink product. Starlink Maritime will provide oceangoing vessels with up to 350 Mbps download while at sea. And it’s not just ships and boats that would benefit. Starlink Maritime is primarily for all types of sea-going vessels including merchant vessels, oil rigs, and even premium yachts.


According to the website, “Starlink Maritime allows you to connect from the most remote waters across the world, just like you would in the office or at home.”

“In addition to withstanding extreme cold, heat, hail, sleet, heavy rain, and gale-force winds, Starlink also holds up against rocket engines.”

“Starlink is currently being used to get high-quality video of SpaceX rocket landings at sea, providing continuous coverage in the face of engines capable of generating up to 190,000 lbs of force.”

Users will be able to monitor and manage their Starlink fleet from a single portal and installation is designed with minimal above-deck space in mind.


The Price Of Starlink Maritime

The cost of Starlink Maritime includes a monthly payment of $5,000 and a one-time hardware cost of $10,000. The latter also includes two high-performance terminals. That may sound expensive but Elon Musk pointed out that SpaceX was paying $150,000 per month for a worse connection for its ships.


He added it wasn’t easy to ruggedize Starlink for relentless salt spray and extreme winds and storms in the deep ocean. As someone who lives in a state that has hurricane season, I’m sure these ocean storms will definitely put Starlink to the ultimate test.


Starlink Saves Lives

Starlink has proven to save lives already. Elon Musk provided Ukraine with thousands of Starlink terminals which has helped the nation stay online despite the continuous attacks from Russia. SpaceX also provided Starlink terminals to St. Charles Parish after hurricane Ida left most of the southern portion of Louisiana without power and communications.

I recently interviewed Elon Musk on my gem and mineral podcast. I shared with him some of what we went through after Ida had passed. I was without power for a week and I consider myself very fortunate that it was only for a week. It was great to see Elon care about the people of my state. I mentioned this in another post but will share Elon’s response again here:

“Well, just in general, Starlink, because it is not dependent on any ground-based infrastructure can provide internet connectivity to areas that have had floods or fires or earthquakes that t have destroyed the ground-based infrastructure.”

“That’s obviously extremely helpful for rescuing people and people being able to ‘I need to I need help. I need rescue.’ It’s like how do you find them? How do you communicate with them? Starlink can and has provided that in a number of situations.”


Starlink Will Improve The Quality Of Life For A Lot Of People

Elon also told me that he sees Starlink having a positive effect on improving people’s livelihoods.

“I think Starlink will have a really positive effect on improving people’s income and stuff and improving the standard of living. A large portion of the world does not have internet connectivity or if they do, it’s very bad and extremely expensive.”

“And Starlink can provide connectivity for a whole village of like 200 people type of thing and then, in that case, it would be like 50 cents a month per person. I think that’s pretty affordable.”


Starlink Maritime is now available for ocean-going vessels.
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