Details on SpaceX’s Starlink Referral Program

Based on recent X posts, not many people know about SpaceX’s Starlink referral program. Below are some details customers might want to know about the Starlink referral program.

A recent post by TechAu revealed that some people are unaware of SpaceX’s referral program for Starlink internet service. However, the referral program has been available to customers who wish to avail its benefits for quite some time. 

TechAu was made aware of the Starlink referral program via @TeslaGong. Tesla Gong posted an email from SpaceX informing him about the Starlink referral program in Australia. 

“Share Starlink with your friends and family. Each time someone purchases through your referral link and activates their Starlink, both you and your friend will receive a credit for one month [of] free service,” stated the email. 

In January 2022, SpaceX sent a similar email to customers in Australia and New Zealand, informing them of the Starlink referral program. At the time, SpaceX upped the ante and offered existing customers the chance to earn one full year of free high-speed internet service from Starlink if they successfully referred 12 new customers. 

Besides Australia and New Zealand, SpaceX has also launched Starlink referral programs in Germany and Panama. The Starlink referral program is a way of getting more people to adopt the high-speed internet service. It spreads awareness of Starlink’s existence–which might surprise many people. 

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Details on SpaceX’s Starlink Referral Program
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