Grünheide residents to vote on Tesla Berlin expansion plans in 2024

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s expansion plans include the purchase of an additional 100 hectares of land in the forest east of the factory’s 300-hectare property in Grüheide. 

Tesla plans to turn the 100 hectares into a freight yard, storage area, and training room. With its expansion plans, the company also aims to double the factory’s annual production capacity from 500k electric vehicle units to 1 million. Elon Musk has also stated that Giga Berlin will build Tesla’s €25k EV

The Texas-based automaker must first submit a new development plan to the municipality to make the purchase. Tesla will also have to apply for a change of land use permit and other permits.

 As with everything involving Tesla Giga Berlin, there has been some criticism against the expansion, citing reasons brought up when the factory was awaiting permission to construct. Besides Grünheide residents, the State Forestry Agency and the Strausberg Erkner Water Association are concerned about Tesla’s expansion plans. 

Tesla invited Grünheide residents to an “information event” at Giga Berlin on January 14, 2024. The municipality is holding a citizen survey at the beginning of 2024, where residents may vote on how they feel about Tesla’s expansion plans. According to RBB24, the vote will not be binding. 

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Grünheide residents to vote on Tesla Berlin expansion plans in 2024
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