Tesla Cybertruck dog mode leaves people looking for polygon pet merch

Credit: Jay Leno's Garage

Tesla Cybertruck dog mode seems to be gaining popularity, with customers now looking for polygon pet merch. 

The Tesla Cybertruck’s official X account recently shared a video featuring the company’s popular feature: dog mode. The Cybertruck’s dog mode features a polygon-shaped pet pal on the screen, when in use, who seems to be a hit with customers. 

The Tesla Cybertruck might not have been a favorite for everyone when it was initially unveiled, but it has undoubtedly inspired a slew of merch from the company. Tesla has released a few Cybertruck-inspired merchandise the United States, Europe, and China, from alcoholic beverages to a cyber ice cream spoon that Elon Musk didn’t even know about. A few Tesla fans have also released their own Cybertruck-inspired merch. 

Now, the Cybertuck may have inspired another round of potential merchandise for Tesla or other companies: polygon pet pals. A few comments in the Tesla Cybertruck’s X post showed interest in featuring the Cyberdog on a shirt. More commenters stated that their own polygon pals would love the dog mode in the Cybertruck. 

The Cybertruck would be perfect for bigger dogs who need more space. And it would be even more fun if our furry friends had a polygon pet pal of their own to cuddle with while waiting in a Cybertruck.

Do you think your pet would enjoy a polygon pet pal? Or would you like a polygon pet pal T-shirt?

Tesla Cybertruck dog mode leaves people looking for polygon pet merch
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