Starlink introduces yet another massive hardware discount

(Credit: SpaceX)

SpaceX has announced a massive 70% discount on hardware for Starlink customers in select regions.

As Starlink has achieved record growth metrics in recent months, it has introduced a growing number of discounts to only further its subscriber growth. Now, SpaceX has announced yet another Starlink discount, this time knocking 70% off of the price of hardware for customers in rural sections of the United Kingdom, following a similar discount structure introduced in other parts of the world.

The news of the Starlink discount has not yet been published online by Starlink but has been sent as an email to those who have registered their interest with the company in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, this news has been published on Twitter and has garnered substantial attention from rural internet users.

Thanks to the 70% discount, the entry-level Starlink receiver is now available for as little as 99 pounds ($123.62), following a similar discount in Australia and New Zealand, which also priced the hardware at roughly $100. Starlink has not introduced the deal to the United States, where the entry-level receiver still costs $599.

By focusing on subscriber acquisition and not hardware sales, Starlink is clearly positioning itself well for long-term revenue generation instead of short-term gains. And with growing competition from the likes of Amazon, increasing subscriber counts could help the internet provider hold onto its lead well into the future.

Luckily, even without substantial discounts or price cuts, Starlink has recently been able to clench numerous significant subscriber milestones, not the least of which is within the maritime sector, which the company announced it had reached earlier today.

Looking to the future, as noted above, increasing competition in satellite internet and even from land-based fiber internet poses a significant threat to the growth of the business. However, by securing access to as many markets as possible, it can help hedge concerns, especially if the company were to IPO, as it has been rumored to be exploring in recent months.

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Starlink introduces yet another massive hardware discount
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