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Tesla skeptic lambasts company goals, forecasts severe stock contraction

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Long-time Tesla bear Toni Sacconaghi has published his first report on the automaker following its shareholder meeting, outlining his continued pessimism regarding Tesla stock.

Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, are deeply familiar with skeptics, pessimists, and short sellers. At one point, Tesla’s stock even became the most shorted stock on the stock market. Now, despite the company finding continuing success, long-time Tesla bear Toni Sacconaghi has published a report for his investment institution, Bernstein Wealth Management, remaining skeptical regarding the stock’s future and calling its goals “unrealistic.”

As initially reported by CNBC, Sacconaghi’s report details numerous headwinds that he believes Tesla will face in the coming months and years, ultimately leading to his price target of just $150 per Tesla share, a roughly 10% downside from yesterday’s closing price, according to CNBC.

Foremost in his concerns, Sacconaghi believes Tesla, like many other automakers, will face increasing macroeconomic troubles, which could, according to the analyst, result in higher production costs and lower demand for its vehicles. Further, Sacconaghi notes that Tesla’s “limited model lineup” will only further hinder demand in the competitive vehicle market. Lastly, the Bernstein analyst argues that “a significant share of… potential buyers remain skeptical of EVs and are not likely to switch from ICE in the near term.”

On top of the challenges that Sacconaghi outlines, the analyst also argues that Tesla’s direction and goals are far too optimistic and “unrealistic.” “Tesla’s volume goal was for Model 3 + Y to be 3-4M units collectively,” states Sacconaghi, “which would have represented nearly 50% of global market share in their categories – unrealistic in our view…”

Concluding his statements to clients, the Bernstein analyst also addresses future Tesla product rollouts, which he predictably does not believe to be feasible. Perhaps most notably, Sacconighi argues the Cybertruck will not reach mass production until much later than envisioned. Further, despite the successful introduction of Tesla Full Self Driving in the United States, the analyst believes Tesla will face increasing political and market headwinds preventing full autonomy. Finally, turning to a more distant product introduction, Sacconaghi argues that the Optimus project is nowhere near production or market ready.

It should be noted that, following Tesla’s shareholder meeting yesterday, the stock has rallied over 7 points.

William is a Tesla shareholder and does not have funds managed by Bernstein Wealth Management.

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Tesla skeptic lambasts company goals, forecasts severe stock contraction
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