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Starlink hits incredible subscriber milestone as potential IPO looms

Starlink has hit a substantial subscriber milestone, largely thanks to its record user growth over the past six months.

SpaceX has been laboring toward profitability ever since its founding by Elon Musk. One of its primary tools to help achieve that financial success is its satellite internet service, Starlink. Now, as the service has grown in both coverage and offerings, it has reached a new subscriber milestone, which could be critical as the company probes a potential IPO.

According to SpaceX, initially reported by Sawyer Merrit on Twitter, Starlink has achieved a subscriber count of 1.5 million users and a record user growth of 3,600 new subscribers daily.

In celebrating reaching this astronomical subscriber count, SpaceX has published a video to its Instagram showing off some of the incredible projects its Starlink service is being used for.


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Helping to grow its subscriber count so substantially over the past six months has been the expansion of services and offerings from the internet provider. Most notably, by expanding into aviation and maritime use cases, SpaceX is poised to dramatically increase revenues from these typically internet-starved sectors. Moreover, for land-based customers, Starlink has introduced satellite receivers for those on the go and for customers in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

Besides this growth in service, Starlink has also dramatically increased internet speeds as it has worked to launch its next-generation satellites. These satellites also are helping to ensure more consistent coverage in remote and hard-to-reach areas, which is precisely where Starlink customers want the service to operate.

Looking to the future, many believe that either SpaceX or its Starlink unit could come to the stock market through one of the most substantial IPOs in years. These rumors have yet to be confirmed by SpaceX, Starlink, or their CEO Elon Musk. Still, with the capacity to jumpstart the business with fresh capital, it could be a handy tool as the internet provider looks to continue to expand and improve its operations.

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Starlink hits incredible subscriber milestone as potential IPO looms
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