Starlink Twitter account hints at growth & potential IPO [Opinion]

SpaceX started a Starlink Twitter account, allowing it to update the public on the company’s progress. Starlink’s Twitter account hints at the service’s growth and potential initial public offering opportunity. 

Starlink’s Twitter bio reads: “Internet from space for human on Earth. Engineered by @SpaceX.” 

As of this writing, Starlink has a gold checkmark and two posts. The first post promotes Starlink Maritime for boats of all sizes, while the second celebrated May 4 with the hashtag #MayThe4thBeWithYou. 

Starlink’s Twitter page has gathered a lot of attention with just two posts, revealing that the internet service provider has gained significant support over the years. Starlink has expanded to several countries worldwide, including the Philippines and Haiti, in the past year alone. 

SpaceX also released several versions of Starlink to fit different demographics, like Starshield, which provides internet connection to governments. There is also Starlink Aviation for aircrafts and Starlink for RVs made for people traveling remotely. Starlink’s Standard kit is even available at select Home Depot stores now. 

Starlink has indeed grown exponentially this year. The next step for Starlink is an initial public offering (IPO). Elon Musk first mentioned plans for a Starlink IPO in February 2020. At the time, Musk commented that a Starlink IPO would take a few years. SpaceX has not released an official date for a Starlink IPO but has stated that an initial public offering would be initiated “when its cash flow is more predictable.”

Starlink’s growing customer base and market are bringing it closer to a more predictable cash flow. So a Starlink IPO may be around the corner–or in a few years at least.

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Starlink Twitter account hints at growth & potential IPO [Opinion]
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