Tesla completes buildout of 100 Supercharger stations in Shanghai

(Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla China recently celebrated the installation of its 100th Supercharger station and 1,000th Supercharger stall in Shanghai, a significant milestone in the EV maker’s local Supercharging Network expansion.

The 100th Supercharger Station is located in the Iconic Sky City Rafael site. The milestone was marked with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. According to local insiders, the 100th Supercharging Station in Shanghai makes Tesla the world’s first EV maker to install 100 charging stations in a single city.

In a video shared by Tesla China on Weibo, the company posted a message that roughly translates to the following: “Travel conveniently with 100 Supercharging Stations and 1000 stalls that offer efficient charging. Enjoy pure electric.”

Tesla China’s Supercharging team gives regular updates on its recent installation via its social media accounts. Most recently, it announced installing 6 stalls in Foshan Wangfujing Ziweigang, 4 stalls in Chaqia Jintian Shiji Hotel, and 16 in Shenzen Renxuan apartment.

The Supercharging team in China aims to put into service as many charging stalls and stations as it can so Tesla owners can travel the country with convenience and security.

Globally, Tesla’s Supercharger Network is one of the leading charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. In China, however, the Supercharging Network faces many competitors, with many companies establishing their own charging stations across the country.

In August, Giga Shanghai’s Supercharger V3 production facility was completed. The Supercharger V3 facility is reportedly capable of producing 10,000 V3 stalls per year. Giga Shanghai’s Supercharger V3 production will likely play a significant role in Tesla’s plan to open its Supercharger Network to non-Tesla EVs.

Elon Musk reportedly held an all-hands meeting in September, where they discussed its open EV Supercharger Network plans. Based on the meeting’s notes, Tesla aims to open its Supercharger network to other EVs next month, starting with Europe.

To open its Supercharger Network in Europe, Tesla will need to ramp the buildout of stations and installation of stalls so it can properly service customers—both Tesla owners and non-Tesla owners. As Tesla’s main export hub, Giga Shanghai’s Supercharger V3 factory may help the company with its Supercharger installation ramp.

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Tesla completes buildout of 100 Supercharger stations in Shanghai
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