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Tesla 4680 production ramp reaches +1,000/week for Cybertruck

Image used with permission for Teslarati. (Credit: Tom Cross)

Tesla’s 4680 production ramp has reached +1,000 per week, an increase of about 18%-20% or about 7GWh per year compared to Q4 2023.

“We expect to stay ahead of the Cybertruck ramp with the cell production throughout Q2 as we ramp the third of four lines in Phase 1 while maintaining multiple weeks of cell inventory to make sure we’re ahead of the ramp.

“So, our goal, and we expect to do this is to beat supplier cost of nickel-based cells by the end of the year,” said Law Moravy, Tesla’s Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, during the TSLA Q1 2024 earnings call.

Later in the call, Colin Rusch from Oppenheimer asked for more details on Tesla’s 4680 ramp. He specifically inquired how close Tesla is to its target yields and when it would accelerate incremental capacity expansions on the 4680 cell. 

Moravy pointed out that Tesla’s current 4680 ramp is tied to the Cybertruck ramp. He added that Tesla isn’t aiming to produce 4680 cells when there is no place to put them.

Shreyas Patil from Wolfe Research asked whether Tesla had considered selling some 4680 cells to other automakers. 

“The orders for batteries from other automakers have declined dramatically. So, we’re seeing much more competitive prices for sales from our suppliers, dramatically more competitive than in the past. It is clear that a lot of our suppliers have excess capacity,” Musk replied.

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Tesla 4680 production ramp reaches +1,000/week for Cybertruck
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