Tesla executive corrects concerns about 4680 cells limiting Cybertruck ramp

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During TSLA’s Q4 2023 and Full Year earnings call, a Tesla executive set the record straight about 4680 cell production limiting the company’s Cybertruck ramp.

“First, I just want to allay any concerns regarding 4680 limiting the Cybertruck ramp because I’ve seen some people commenting about that. To date, 4680 production is ahead of the ramp with actually weeks of finished cell inventory, and the goal is to keep it that way, not only for Cyber[truck], but for our future vehicle programs. And as Elon said, it is an S-curve here too. Like, it’s hard to predict these things, but I’m just describing our goals,” replied the Tesla executive to a retail investor question. 

Retail investor Michael G. Had posted the question: 

“What has been the barrier to ramping 4680 cells into the multi-million cells per week rate, and when do you expect to get there?”

In late December 2023, Reuters reported that Tesla’s 4680 battery cell was one of the main bottlenecks to its Cybertruck production ramp. Reuters had calculated that Giga Texas was only producing about a 10th of the 4680 battery cells needed to power at least 24,000 Cybertrucks a year. The news outlet’s sources claimed that Tesla struggled to bring 4680’s dry-coating process to an industrial scale so it could hit its Cybertruck production targets.

According to the Tesla executive at the recent TSLA earnings call, the factory and engineering teams at Giga Texas were able to swap Line 1 from the Model Y’s cell design to the Cybertruck’s cell design, which is the battery cell with a 10% energy increase. 

“And in terms of what we’re doing, we’re currently running one production line, one assembly line, using two assembly lines in addition to yield and rate improvement trials. And we have a fourth in commissioning, and four more will be installed starting in Q3 this year,” noted the Tesla executive. 

Elon Musk added that Tesla is also expecting to ramp orders from suppliers. Panasonic North America’s President Allan Swan hinted at CES that the battery supplier aims to boost annual production capacity between now and 2031. Tesla Giga Nevada’s expansion will also boost 4680 production.

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Tesla executive corrects concerns about 4680 cells limiting Cybertruck ramp
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