Tesla is working on 5G capability for EVs and Optimus 

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Tesla is working on 5G capability for its electric vehicle (EV) lineup and humanoid robot Optimus. A recent job post for a Cellular Systems Integration Engineer hints that Tesla is developing a 5G network infrastructure. 

Tesla’s job description for the Cellular Systems Integration Engineer states: 

“Tesla is seeking a highly motivated Cellular Systems Integration Engineer for the global IT Manufacturing Solutions Engineering team to deliver a best in class connectivity experience for all Tesla Vehicles (Model S 3 X Y, Cybertruck, …) and Optimus on Tesla premises. The role involves understanding internal customer requirements, planning and executing test procedures, rolling out ESIM seamlessly and reliable integration into Tesla’s private 5G network infrastructure. 

“The ability to work independently and creatively to solve challenging problems is of paramount importance. This position involves working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment with tight timing constraints.”

Tesla’s lead staff engineer, Pat Ruelke, also posted the job vacancy on his LinkedIn feed. He said the position will be based in Palo Alto at Tesla’s Engineering Headquarters and invited applicants to contact Tesla Technical Recruiter Danial Arias to apply. 

“I am looking for an ace engineer to build a seamless private 5G service in between Tesla products and our private 5G infrastructure. Pushing low latencies and data rates to the limit is guaranteed,” noted Ruelke. 

Tesla’s focus on 5G capability teases its plans for future iterations of the S3XY lineup and Cybertruck. It also hints at the capabilities of Tesla’s next-generation vehicles. The company seems to be laying the foundation for its future cars and products. 

It recently rolled out free one-month trials for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software, which cost $12,000. Tesla employees are also required to take new owners on an FSD V12 ride when they pick up their vehicle, promoting the autonomous software. It seems like Tesla is prepared for more FSD drivers on the road as it rolls out new iterations of the S3XY models and its $25,000 EV. 

Tesla has also been making significant progress with its humanoid robot, Optimus. Recently, it posted two new jobs, hinting that Tesla is ready to field test Optimus and create user guides for it.

Below are the responsibilities of Tesla’s Cellular Systems Integration Engineer.

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Tesla is working on 5G capability for EVs and Optimus 
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