Tesla customers whose cars are in service to also receive FSD test rides: leaked Musk email

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It appears that Tesla is intent on promoting its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability to its customers. And if a seemingly leaked email from Elon Musk is any indication, it would appear that Tesla is looking to promote FSD even to its existing customer base. 

Earlier today, reports emerged on social media stating that Elon Musk has sent a notice to Tesla delivery centers instructing them to take new customers on a short test ride on FSD V12.3.1 when they take delivery of their vehicles. Musk noted that this would slow down the delivery process, but it would be a “hard requirement” nonetheless. 

Reactions from the electric vehicle community to Musk’s leaked email were mostly positive, with Tesla bulls noting that the initiative suggests that the CEO is now confident enough to push FSD to every customer. These sentiments were seemingly supported by the company when the official pages for the Model S, Model X, and Model Y showed that new orders for the vehicles would include a one-month free trial for FSD Capability. 

Interestingly enough, another seemingly leaked email from Elon Musk provided a notable addition to Tesla’s recent FSD initiatives. As per the leaked email, even customers whose vehicles are being returned from service must be given an FSD V12.3.1 test ride. “And please do the same when cars are returned from service. This is very important,” the apparent leaked Elon Musk email read. 

While the leaked emails from Musk have not been confirmed by the electric vehicle maker, Elon Musk has responded to conversations about the initiative on X. In a response to longtime FSD Beta tester @WholeMarsBlog, for example, Musk clarified that “all US cars that are capable of FSD will be enabled for a one month trial this week.” 

Musk also responded positively to a post from ARK Invest’s Brett Winton, who noted that there is financial incentive in mandating a demo of FSD upon delivery. “The strategic considerations are probably paramount. A happy FSD user will exhort friends and family to buy Tesla… With FSD, Tesla has performance that massively matters that no other company can emulate or compete against,” Winton wrote. 

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Tesla customers whose cars are in service to also receive FSD test rides: leaked Musk email
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