Tesla adds Model Y to its Referral Program

The Tesla Model Y crossover. (Credit: Edmunds/Twitter)

Tesla has formally added the Model Y to its Referral Program, allowing existing owners that refer a sale of the all-electric crossover through their referral code to earn 1,000 free Supercharging miles. The Model Y buyer would also benefit by earning the same 1,000 free Supercharger miles in return.

Previously, the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 were the only vehicles that would qualify as a valid referral program sale. If a referral code were used when buying a Model Y, the free Supercharger miles would not be credited to the owner’s account because the all-electric crossover was not on the list of included vehicles. However, the Model Y is now a qualifying vehicle that will add Supercharging miles to both parties’ accounts. Each referral also allows the owner of the link to enter in a chance to win a Model Y or next-gen Roadster.

Tesla ended its previous referral program that contained lavish prizes on February 2, 2019. The now-defunct phase of the referral program offered Tesla owners the opportunity to win a series of prizes and experiences, ranging from watching a SpaceX Launch to racing the Tesla Semi.

The company revised the referral process to include free Supercharging Miles, and entrances into winning a Roadster or Model Y for vehicle purchases. The referral link can also be used when a friend buys a Tesla Solar product, earning a $250 award to both parties involved.

The use of the Referral Program allows both people involved to benefit from the purchase of a Tesla vehicle or Solar product. However, on a much larger scale, the program helps Tesla and the Earth’s environment by accelerating the transition to sustainable energy by growing the community.

Currently, the Model Y is being built at Tesla’s Fremont facility in Northern California. It is the first crossover in Tesla’s lineup of vehicles and is expected to be the company’s best-selling product to date. The vehicle’s affordable pricing points combined with the steady demand of the crossover body style and Tesla’s sustainable energy infrastructure gives the Model Y a little something for everyone to indulge on.

Now that the vehicle comes with free Supercharging miles when purchased with a referral code, the demand of the Model Y could increase just as Tesla is ramping up production efforts in Fremont.

Tesla adds Model Y to its Referral Program
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