Tesla Cybertruck half-scale gets a laser cannon to become electric ‘military machine’

Credit: YouTube | the Hacksmith

The Tesla Cybertruck is a tough and durable pickup with an all-electric powertrain. While it could be considered an unorthodox choice in terms of military usage due to the typical war machine being a giant, gas-powered Humvee, the Cybertruck could be suggested for future use by the U.S. Military. The truck’s durable design, coupled with a laser-based weapon modification from a YouTube channel known as the Hacksmith, could make the Tesla Cybertruck an ideal option for military-grade transportation.

The Hacksmith started building a half-scale Cybertruck in December 2019, just a month after the pickup’s unveiling event at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. The scaled-down design was completed in February and has been subjected to a Tug-of-War test so far. However, the channel recently designed a laser cannon for the truck that is capable of highly-effective vehicle defense using a high-powered laser assembly.

The design utilizes a high-powered laser put together by fellow YouTuber Styropyro, and is capable of setting various objects on fire within a matter of seconds. The quick and effective use of the laser cannon would be ideal for military-grade use and could fend off a series of threats in a relatively short period.

The idea of an electric vehicle for military use has been an idea since before the Cybertruck unveiling. In a “Fireside Chat” with Lieutenant General David D. Thompson of the U.S. Space Force, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned that the Cybertruck’s “armored personnel carrier” design could be perfect for military use.

“You might want to try it. You might like it or might not. I like it. It’s gonna look like it came off a movie set when it goes on the road,” Musk said.

The idea of using Tesla’s Cybertruck for future military operations and how it could be a better fit for combat use than traditional combustion engines, resonates with recent discussions made be 3-Star General of the U.S. Army and director of the Army’s Futures and Concepts Center Eric Wesley.

“We have to operate distributed, which means you have to have organic power that is readily available… Electrification allows you to have access to readily available power to distribute not only for the vehicle but for all those different systems that I have,” the Lt. Gen. said to Defense News. Wesley added that the expected cost of powering an all-electric fleet would likely be lower than the existing internal combustion engine lineup currently used.

However, these developments and ideas are preliminary. “… we’ve got some research and development going on, and we can build prototypes, in terms of a transition plan, we are not there,” he added.

The addition of a weapon to the Cybertruck design could make it an ideal fit for a fleet of military vehicles. Not only would it be a quiet and sustainable way to complete missions, but it would provide a safe mode of transportation via its durable exoskeleton.

Watch the Hacksmith’s video featuring their half-scale Cybertruck with a laser cannon below.

Tesla Cybertruck half-scale gets a laser cannon to become electric ‘military machine’
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