Tesla Autopilot director confirms High Fidelity Park Assist coming for cars with ultrasonic sensors

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Arguably the most exciting part of Tesla’s 2023 Holiday Update is the addition of High Fidelity Park Assist. The feature, which allows drivers to see a 3D reconstruction of their vehicles’ surroundings while parking, has long been requested by electric vehicle owners, especially considering the popularity of 360-degree cameras in mainstream vehicles. 

So far, however, High Fidelity Park Assist is only available to Tesla’s vehicles that exclusively use Tesla Vision. This means that owners who have cars that are equipped with ultrasonic sensors are yet to receive the function. Fortunately, it appears that plans are underway to release High Fidelity Park Assist to Teslas that are equipped with the company’s older sensor suite. 

This was confirmed by Tesla Autopilot Director Ashok Elluswamy in a recent post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. While commenting on a video of High Fidelity Park Assist in action, the executive was asked if the feature would also make it to Tesla’s greater fleet. Elluswamy responded in the affirmative, noting that the feature should “eventually go to cars that have ultrasonic sensors as well.”

Elluswamy also provided a pretty comprehensive explanation of the technology behind High Fidelity Park Assist. 

“High-fidelity park assist is shipping this weekend to Tesla customers without ultrasonic sensors as part of the holiday release! This replaces the 2D obstacle band that customers had with a high-resolution 3D reconstruction of the Tesla’s surroundings. This is an extension of our Occupancy Network, with much higher resolution to help with tight parking maneuvers.

“The obstacles are modeled as a continuous distance field. This allows us to represent arbitrary shapes in a smooth and computationally efficient way. The vehicles you see are not some fixed meshes, but the network’s real-time prediction of the shape. In addition to obstacles, we also predict painted lines on the ground, also in 3D. Together, these help perform the full parking maneuver just by looking at this one screen.

“This is the v1 release of this technology, and will have follow up releases that have even better geometric consistency with the cameras, better persistence of occluded obstacles, etc. For now, enjoy parking and happy holidays!!” the Tesla Director wrote.

While the confirmation that High Fidelity Park Assist is coming to Teslas with ultrasonic sensors is welcome news, owners of Teslas that have ultrasonic sensors would probably be wise to exercise some patience. The Autopilot Director, after all, did not provide a target timeframe for the feature’s expanded release, only stating that High Fidelity Park Assist would “eventually” get released to Teslas with ultrasonic sensors as well. 

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Tesla Autopilot director confirms High Fidelity Park Assist coming for cars with ultrasonic sensors
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