Tesla posts full 2023 Holiday Update features, with some welcome extras

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When the release notes of Tesla’s 2023 Holiday Update were posted online, many quickly observed that the features being rolled out in update 2023.44.25 were mostly quality-of-life improvements. This, as well as the lack of new “useful” features, resulted in several Tesla owners complaining on social media about the “lackluster” 2023 Holiday Update. 

Amidst the complaints, Tesla software tracker Teslascope clarified that the 2023 Holiday Update release notes do not include specific changes for vehicles that are running Full Self-Driving Beta. The firm also noted that there might be more features coming.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, while responding to a post on X expressing owners’ discontent about the 2023 Holiday Update release notes, also admitted that the EV maker could have done better. “We need to step up our game,” Musk wrote

Musk’s post appears to have given Tesla’s software team a push, as the electric vehicle maker has posted the contents of the 2023 Holiday Update on its official X account. As could be seen in the electric vehicle maker’s post, the 2023 Holiday Update appears to have been buffed with several new features. 

Apart from the features that have already been leaked, Tesla also noted in its post that the 2023 Holiday Update will include Custom Lock Sounds, which is a fun feature that could replace the horn lock sound of a vehicle with another sound. An image shown by Tesla teases sounds like a screaming goat, a jingle, and a duck’s quack, among others. 

Tesla also announced that passengers in the rear seats would now be able to play games on the rear touchscreen. This should go very well with Tesla Arcade’s added compatibility with PS4, PS5, and Xbox Controllers, as well as Rear Screen Bluetooth Headsets, which would likely be appreciated by parents who tend to go on long trips with their children. 

Perhaps most notable in Tesla’s 2023 Holiday Update announcement, however, is the addition of High Fidelity Park Assist, which allows compatible vehicles to display a 3D reconstruction of their surroundings while parking. This is quite similar to the 360-degree camera parking system found in other vehicles, which also provides a real-time view of a car’s surroundings when parking. 

A look at social media posts from EV enthusiasts indicates that the 2023 Holiday Update — with its new features — is now being viewed more favorably by Tesla owners. Some Tesla owners proved particularly excited about High Fidelity Park Assist, while others have shared their appreciation of the whimsical nature of features like Custom Horn Sounds, among others. 

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Tesla posts full 2023 Holiday Update features, with some welcome extras
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