Tesla beats Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW in brand experience for 2nd year in a row

Tesla has once again made the list of Top 30 Global Experience Brands, beating out Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and BMW for the second year in a row to take the title for best automotive brand experience. The list was compiled by New York-based Group XP, a leading experience consultancy.

Companies with unparalleled brand presence like Disney, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple, and Tesla, among 25 other recognizable companies, were scored based on four unique dimensions: Create, Deliver, Engage and Strive. “Our lives are defined by experiences and today people are as demanding of an experience as they are of a purchase. The businesses that have responded to this shift in expectation are flourishing more than ever” says Group XP.

Tesla took the 26th spot in the overall list, down from last year’s 20th ranking, but leads in automotive company with top-notch brand experience.

Group XP’s Top 30 Global Experience Brands report [download]


Pampers once again lands in the top spot, followed by Facebook, PayPal, Disney, and FedEx for companies that deliver an outstanding experience to its customers while exerting profound differentiation on the marketplace. The use of artificial intelligence by these companies, trading human connection with AI, is also highlighted in the report.

Tesla leads the charge in the automotive sector as a brand that has created a unique and innovative set of intellectual property that’s difficult to replicate. Though Volvo, Volkswagen, Maserati, and other automakers including Mercedes Benz and BMW – also ranked in Group XP’s report for automaker with top brand experience – have made pledges to electrify their lineup, Tesla has a competitive advantage over these brands with its global network of fast charging Superchargers and efficient sales and distribution model.

“Tesla has also re-imagined the sales experience far beyond the ‘let me just speak to my manager about this’ artifice and intensity of battling through endless forms and paperwork. The modernity of the experience is more aligned with the friction-free experiences we now expect when buying online.” says Group XP of Tesla’s e-commerce-based direct-to-consumer sales model.

In addition, Tesla continues to improve its service experience by increasing its fleet of Tesla mobile service vans, making it easier for customers to service their vehicles while providing an enjoyable experience. “Tesla has equally re-imagined the Servicing experience—they realize people don’t enjoy driving to a garage so 80% of service needs can be resolved by their technicians coming to the customer via mobile vans. Most times this home or road-side visit isn’t even needed, however, as the brains of the car can remotely diagnose 90% of the issues— ‘Smart Alerts’ warn of potential problems and suggest simple fixes while the car receives regular ‘over the air’ updates putting the brand into the realm of an IOT (Internet of things) product.”

Tesla’s high profile CEO Elon Musk has created a brand that reaches far beyond the electric car consumer and one that represents a vision of the future that’s attainable now.

Tesla beats Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW in brand experience for 2nd year in a row
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