Tesla China posts 76,965 vehicle sales in August: CPCA data

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Tesla China posted its second highest monthly sales to date in August, with the electric vehicle maker selling 76,965 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in the domestic and international markets. This was according to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) today.

Among the 76,965 vehicles that Tesla China sold in August, 62,169 were Model Y crossovers and 14,976 were Model 3 sedans. True to Tesla China’s strategy of splitting the second month of a quarter’s output between exports and the local market, 34,502 vehicles were sold in China while 42,463 were shipped abroad.

Tesla China’s best-selling month is still June 2022, when the company posted a total of 78,906 vehicle sales.

Tesla China’s 42,463 exports in August have been teased by drone flyovers of the Shanghai South Port Terminal, which was filled with immense numbers of Model 3 and Model Y last month. Based on footage and photographs taken at the port, Tesla China appears to have only completed the third quarter’s vehicle exports near the end of August.

Tesla China’s 76,965 wholesale figures represent a 73.88% increase year-over-year and a 172.76% increase month-over-month. For context, Tesla China sold 44,264 vehicles in August 2021 and 28,217 vehicles in July 2022. It should be noted that July 2022’s numbers were held back partly due to upgrades that were implemented in the Model 3 and Model Y lines in Gigafactory Shanghai.

Interestingly enough, Tesla China’s August results were extremely close to the estimates provided by CPCA secretary general Cui Dongshu, who noted earlier this month that the electric vehicle maker’s sales were expected to be at about 77,000 units for August. Tesla China’s actual numbers were just 35 units short of Cui’s estimate.

Cui also stated that Tesla China’s capacity utilization has been improving continuously, with production being strong after the end of July. This allowed the electric vehicle maker to sell an impressive number of vehicles despite headwinds in the supply chain, as well as droughts and heat waves in some areas in China.

Following its recent round of upgrades, Gigafactory Shanghai is expected to be capable of producing about 3,000 vehicles per day, effectively making the facility Tesla’s largest factory by output. These upgrades are expected to pave the way for Giga Shanghai to expand its production capacity to about 1.1-1.12 million vehicles per year.

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Tesla China posts 76,965 vehicle sales in August: CPCA data
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