Tesla is hiring for its first international Design Center in China

Chinese-Style Tesla Vehicles (Source: Tesla China WeChat)

Tesla China is hiring for its first international Design Center, which will design a new, “China-inspired” vehicle that will eventually be manufactured at the Giga Shanghai production facility.

Tesla’s China Recruitment account on Weibo shared a photograph of a job advertisement that lists eleven different employment opportunities that will operate the Design Center. Jobs ranging from a Design Manager to a Copy Writer to a Graphic Designer, are available on the listing.

The employment ad also shows several messages encouraging artists and designers alike to the idea that their creative efforts could translate into a vehicle that will become widely available to the Chinese people.

“Creativity is up to you,” the ad says. “There is no formula for planning; everything is created by you.”

Tesla China’s Design Center job posting. (Credit: Tesla China Recruiting | Weibo)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk first talked about creating a Design Center for international EVs in January. The electric automaker posted a recruitment notice on its official WeChat account, Reuters initially reported.

“In order to achieve a shift of ‘Made in China’ to ‘Designed in China,’ Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has proposed a very cool thing – set up a design and research center in China,” the recruitment posting said.

Following the initial job posting in January, Tesla reached out to designers and fans to design a vehicle idea and submit it to a website for the company to consider.

“Even if you are not a car designer, you are welcome to submit. It’s more than just a car designed for you,” Tesla stated. “Please think of China in your Tesla design work.”

Tesla attempted to hire designers and other staff that would operate the design and research center in January, but it seems some positions may have been left unfilled.

Now, Tesla China is working to fill the positions to prepare for the development of a new automobile, which could join the Model 3 and Model Y as the two vehicles the company makes that are manufactured in the Asian country.

Tesla doesn’t appear to be looking for anything typical or ordinary because the job posting also indicates that creativity is expected in the new design.

“Using dreams as a pen, depict the smart car that will make the world amazing,” the ad says. “Unique aesthetics and artistic, magical inspiration. Break the design tradition. Redefine the design language of electric vehicles. Join Tesla’s first fully functional design center outside the United States. Get the chance to disrupt the era.”

A “Chinese-style” vehicle that is designed by a designer or a fan in the country could increase Tesla’s dominating performance in China. The company already holds the most popular electric vehicle by a sizeable margin with the Model 3, the EV Sales Blog says, but with the Model Y on the way, Tesla is poised to put an even more significant impact on the automotive sector. After a China-inspired design hits the market, Tesla’s potential in the world’s largest auto market could accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation as a whole.

Tesla is hiring for its first international Design Center in China
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