Tesla China is ending 2023 with a large export fleet at Shanghai Port

Credit: WuWa/YouTube

With only a few days left before the end of the year, Tesla China seems to be putting the pedal to the metal. And based on recent aerial footage taken at the Shanghai South Port, it appears that Tesla China is closing out the year with a final, large export batch comprised of thousands of vehicles. 

The export fleet was sighted by longtime Tesla watcher and drone operator Wu Wa, who has been following the developments and projects of the electric vehicle maker since the earliest days of Gigafactory Shanghai. As noted by the drone operator, the flyover of the Shanghai South Port was conducted on December 27, and at the time, a car carrier ship was being loaded with Right Hand Drive (RHD) Teslas. 

The Tesla watcher also noted that a car carrier ship is expected to transport the Model 3 and Model Y export fleet on January 8, though speculations suggest that a vessel may arrive earlier. Regardless, Tesla followers would be wise to expect that the vehicles in the export fleet would likely only be included in Tesla’s Q4 production numbers, not in the fourth quarter’s deliveries. 

Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

Tesla China adopted a pretty different strategy this fourth quarter. In the past, Gigafactory Shanghai typically allotted its resources for vehicle exports in the first half of a quarter. In the second half, Tesla China would typically focus its attention on meeting domestic vehicle orders. This Q4 2023, however, Tesla China opted to balance its domestic deliveries and exports all the way through the quarter.

Despite the sightings of export fleets in the Shanghai South Port, after all, Tesla China’s domestic vehicle sales also seem to be quite high. This was hinted at in the company’s vehicle insurance registrations, which reached 18,500 in the week ending December 24. This also suggested that from December 1 to December 24, Tesla China appears to have sold 60,200 vehicles domestically, as estimated by CNEV Post

Tesla Giga Shanghai plays a large role in the company’s overall operations, as it currently serves as the company’s largest vehicle plant in terms of volume. It is also the sole Tesla factory that is producing the Model 3 Highland today. In Tesla’s Q3 2023 Update Letter, the facility was listed with an annual estimated vehicle production capacity of over 950,000. 

Watch Wu Wa’s flyover of the Shanghai South Port in the video below. 

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Tesla China is ending 2023 with a large export fleet at Shanghai Port
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