Tesla China still expanding its local sales channels amid service ramp

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Last week, reports emerged suggesting that Tesla China is considering a shift in its strategy for the local markets. This reportedly involved the electric vehicle maker closing some of its showrooms in high-tier locations so that Tesla can focus on ramping its stores in areas that can also host a service and maintenance center. 

The report was shared by Reuters, which cited information from individuals familiar with the matter. The publication highlighted that Tesla China has gone on a hiring spree for its service network, with the company’s recruitment website showing over 300 openings for service jobs alone earlier this month. 

Tesla China spoke about the matter on Monday. In a response to the publication’s claims, the electric vehicle maker highlighted that it is still expanding its sales in China at a normal pace. This suggests that the company is not slowing down the expansion of its sales, even in high-tier locations that cannot accommodate a service center. 

Tesla does not operate through dealerships like a traditional automaker. Instead, the company owns and operates all its stores, similar to tech giant Apple and its ubiquitous Apple Stores. Tesla also sells its cars online, which allows customers to purchase a vehicle at a price that’s set by the carmaker itself. This strategy has paid off largely for the automaker, with many buyers appreciating the company’s dealership-free model

Tesla’s sales strategy has largely paid off over the years. Today, the company stands as the industry’s largest automaker by market cap with a valuation of over $968 billion. It also helped Tesla gain momentum in key areas like China. Since Gigafactory Shanghai started customer deliveries, the company’s hold on the Chinese auto market has only grown. 

In the first eight months of the year alone, Tesla was able to sell 400,000 Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers from Gigafactory Shanghai. About 60% of this number was sold locally, while the rest was sold in foreign territories such as Europe, according to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).  This represents a year-over-year growth of 67%.

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Tesla China still expanding its local sales channels amid service ramp
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