Tesla China Giga Shanghai production halt hints Model 3 update is imminent

Image Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

Recent updates from Gigafactory Shanghai suggest that Tesla China may be preparing something substantial for its domestically-produced Model 3 sedans. This was hinted at during a recent drone flyover of the electric vehicle production facility.

Longtime Tesla China watcher Wu Wa, who has been chronicling the progress of Giga Shanghai since the facility’s earliest days, recently observed that the production of the Model 3 appears to have been halted. The drone operator’s footage showed that Giga Shanghai was still busy, but most of the activity was focused on the Model Y section. The Model 3 section was strangely quiet.

A report from Bloomberg earlier this month suggested that Tesla China is nearing the final stages before the trial production of the revamped Model 3 begins. The publication also noted that the Model 3 line might be offline for a few days in late May to accommodate adjustments to the vehicle’s new production line. The drone operator’s video, which showed Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 section being quiet, suggests that Bloomberg‘s information might have been accurate.

Considering the apparent shutdown of the Model 3 line in Giga Shanghai, it would appear that Tesla China is indeed preparing for something big, and something that definitely seems to be Model 3-related. Whether or not this pertains to Project Highland remains to be seen, but Tesla China is incentivized not to pull its punches in the country, especially considering the competitive nature of China’s automotive sector.

Tesla’s much-rumored “Project Highland” is expected to include a number of critical updates to the Model 3, from the vehicle’s production process to its exterior and interior. Exterior updates would likely matter a lot, as the Model 3 has pretty much looked the same since it was unveiled as a prototype in 2016, over seven years ago. Expected updates to the Model 3’s interior would likely also be welcomed by consumers.

Watch a recent drone flyover of Giga Shanghai in the video below. 

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Tesla China Giga Shanghai production halt hints Model 3 update is imminent
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