Tesla China readies for increased production, new vehicles in job postings

Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai General Assembly (Source: Tesla)

Tesla has started looking for an assortment of new workers as the company’s division in China is preparing for a large-scale production push of its electric vehicles.

The company is planning to hire around 1,000 employees to work at its production facility in Shanghai, China, according to job postings from Tesla. Additionally, the electric automaker is planning to bring on designers at its China studio who will develop the next cars to come out of the Giga Shanghai factory.

Tesla could hire 600 workers at stamping, bodywork, painting, and assembly workshops at Giga Shanghai. Another 150 workers are needed for quality checks, 200 more for logistics and transport, and 20 for security. The Lingang local government displayed these postings, Reuters said.

Tesla China’s official WeChat account showed the job postings, but it is the first time the automaker has looked to employ designers in the country, which is the largest auto market in the world.

It is currently unknown how many designers Tesla is planning to employ in China.

The hiring spree is not a surprise because Tesla has been planning to increase the production volume at the Giga Shanghai factory for several months. The company has been developing Phase 2 of the Shanghai factory, which will produce the Model Y crossover. Tesla China’s website indicates that the electric Model Y will “start production in 2021 at the earliest.”

The company’s Model 3 sedan is currently the only Tesla vehicle manufactured in China, and it has been widely popular since deliveries began in January. Giga Shanghai is producing about 4,000 units a week, according to the company’s Q2 2020 Earnings Update Letter.

In June, the Model 3 took 23% of the total EV market share in China, selling approximately 14,954 units during the month.

Additionally, the hiring spree from Tesla China is in preparation for new vehicle designs in the country.

In January, Tesla China stated that it planned to open a design and research center in the country that would make “Chinese-style” vehicles. Reuters initially reported Tesla’s intentions to develop cars that would coincide with Chinese-influenced designs.

In June, the company officially opened a submission platform for designers and enthusiasts to share their possible vehicle designs for Tesla’s “China-style” EV.

The company’s posting indicated that CEO Elon Musk planned to open a design and research center in China that would make “Chinese-style” vehicles.

Tesla has already established a loyal following in China. Now that the company is expanding its workforce in the country, it is evident that the electric automaker is looking to grow its presence in the world’s largest auto market.

Tesla China readies for increased production, new vehicles in job postings
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