Tesla China NEV insurance registrations hint at strong November sales

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Concerns about Tesla China’s reported demand challenges seem to be decreasing by the week. If China’s reported NEV insurance registrations this month are any indication, it would appear that Tesla is poised to post some impressive numbers this November. 

Tesla China has been dealing with a wave of negative sentiments from local media outlets as of late. Earlier this month, local news outlet Huxiu claimed that Tesla China’s vehicle orders have fallen short of expectations despite the EV maker’s price cuts on the Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla China responded to the news, stating that the publication’s claims were false

As per NEV insurance data tracked by independent sources in China, it appears that Tesla’s sales have been pretty strong this month. During the first week of November Tesla’s insurance registrations in China were listed at 11,195 units. In the second week, this number rose to 13,939 units, and in the third week, insurance registrations for Tesla China were tracked at 14,366. 

On the fourth week of November (21-27), an impressive 16,121 Tesla insurance registrations were tracked. This is especially impressive since November is just the second month of the quarter. Based on the past weeks’ data, Tesla China appears to have seen more than 55,600 insurance registrations, with three more days left in November. 

As noted by CNEV Post, the overall number of NEV insurance registrations in China actually declined in the fourth week of November, though the performance of the country’s primary electric vehicle makers such as Tesla and BYD has remained relatively stable. While Tesla China’s total November numbers from the CPCA are yet to be released, the insurance registrations of the EV maker’s vehicles this month hint that the company was accurate when it noted that it had no demand issues. 

If Tesla China could post impressive numbers this November, it would bode well for the EV maker’s performance in December and 2022 as a whole. Giga Shanghai typically focuses its vehicle production on the domestic market in the final month of a quarter, so December may see yet another record for the electric vehicle maker. 

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Tesla China NEV insurance registrations hint at strong November sales
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