Tesla Model 3 dishes out instant karma to driver mocking “brake failure” in China

Credit: Yan Chang/Twitter

It is said that karma can be a pretty vengeful thing. But if a recent Tesla crash in China is any indication, karma can be pretty darn ironic and funny too. This was highlighted in China when a Model 3 was hit by an MG6 driver who was mocking the electric vehicle maker for its alleged and debunked “brake failure” issues. 

Last year, Tesla China was hit by a wave of “brake failure” claims following a high-profile protest at the Shanghai Auto Show. Tesla China’s legal department responded by taking action against both media outlets and social media influencers who jumped on the “brake failure” bandwagon. It did not take long before news outlets and social media influencers alike issued public apologies admitting that their “brake failure” claims and “demonstrations” were false. 

Despite this, however, the cloud of the “brake failure” controversy against Tesla China still remains somewhat, so much so that some drivers have placed stickers on their cars mocking the electric vehicle maker. One of these was the driver of a green MG6, who placed a sticker on the car’s rear trunk that roughly read, “In order to prevent rear-end collision caused by Tesla brake failure, please honor Tesla owners to overtake first.”

As could be seen in a dashcam recording of the incident, a Tesla Model 3 was minding its own business when the green MG6 sedan tried and miscalculated an overtaking maneuver. This caused the MG6 to slam into the Model 3. Now, numerous crashes over the years have shown that crashing into a Tesla is no party. Even sedans like the Model 3 are heavy cars, so hitting one at speed probably feels like the automotive equivalent of hitting the biggest kid in class. 

With this in mind, the MG6 ended up going out of control. Images posted on Chinese social media sites showed the now-totaled MG6 flipped over, with its Tesla “Brake failure” sticker bared for everyone to see. If that’s not instant karma, I don’t know what is. 

But that’s not all there is to this story. 

Further photos of the accident’s aftermath showed that the Model 3 only had minor damages from its crash with the MG6. The Tesla had some nasty scratches on its front end, but the overall damage didn’t seem too major. What’s funnier, however, was the fact that the Model 3 driver actually had a self-deprecating Tesla “brake failure” sticker on the all-electric sedan’s rear trunk as well. The Tesla driver’s sticker roughly read, “Brake Failure – Please Stay Away From Me.”

Considering the circumstances of the accident, netizens in China have dubbed the incident the “funniest cat accident in China.” Turns out Elon Musk was right — fate does love irony. 

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Tesla Model 3 dishes out instant karma to driver mocking “brake failure” in China
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