Tesla China is sending out a 'mysterious' letter, hinting at potential Model 3 update

(Credit: Tesla China/Weibo, Wuwa Vision/YouTube)

A recent post from Tesla China’s official Weibo account appears to be teasing an upcoming major announcement, with the electric car maker sending out a “mysterious” letter to its community. Based on Tesla China’s upload, it appears that something significant will be revealed or announced tomorrow. 

The Weibo post is comprised of a dark poster that features an envelope with the words “Tesla” on it. At the top of the image was a rather cryptic set of sentences, which roughly translated to “Live your life like you mean it. No playing tricks. To all the enthusiasm from the heart.” This is a pretty interesting set of statements, though the assurance that the announcement won’t be a joke may be a reference to April 1 being April Fools’ Day in the United States. 

Tesla, especially its CEO Elon Musk, is known to post playful announcements on the first of April. Musk, for one, caused much furor in Wall St. after posting an April Fools’ picture of himself passed out against a Model 3 after Tesla supposedly went “bankwupt.”

(Credit: Tesla China/Weibo)

Tesla, as a company, has not been shy with its April Fools’ jokes either. One year the company posted a video on its official YouTube channel introducing “Ticket Avoidance Mode.” Tesla enthusiasts still have a soft spot for that particular prank video to this day. 

Tesla’s recent post on Weibo also advised the company’s social media followers that the mysterious message will be revealed tomorrow. Roughly translated, the words at the bottom of the image reads “A mysterious letter from Tesla is being sent out…. Please stay online to receive it. We will see you tomorrow.”

The contents of Tesla’s cryptic letter hold several possibilities. Considering the social media campaign that the electric car maker rolled out for it, there seems to be a fair chance that the letter will hold an important announcement about the company, its operations, or its current lineup of products. Several Weibo users seem to be in the latter’s camp, with some speculating that the letter may reveal the date for the release of the Made-in-China Model 3’s Long Range version. 

So far, Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai has been producing the Standard Range Plus versions of the Model 3 sedan. The vehicle is positioned well in the Chinese market, being priced aggressively at RMB299,050 (about $42,000) with basic Autopilot. But since the Standard Range Plus version is a bang-for-your-buck EV in China, Tesla’s potential in the local market will be even larger with the addition of more variants. 

Hints at another Model 3 version came in February when Tesla filed for an approval for a new version of the vehicle. Tesla did not list the specific trim of the Model 3 that it was filing for, but its weight suggested that it may very well be the Long range RWD version. This vehicle was formally approved by Chinese regulators early in March. 

Considering the hints shared by Tesla China in its recent Weibo post, it appears that the electric car maker has something up its sleeve. If speculations prove right, then Gigafactory Shanghai may very well end up expanding its vehicle lineup soon.

H/T @Tesla__Mania for the English translations used in this piece.

Tesla China is sending out a 'mysterious' letter, hinting at potential Model 3 update
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