Tesla China’s recruitment efforts receive support from the Shanghai government

(Credit: Tesla China/Twitter)

Tesla is rapidly expanding its presence in China amidst the ongoing construction activities in the Gigafactory Shanghai complex. And if recent posts from the official WeChat account of the Pudong New Area government on Thursday are any indication, it appears that the electric car maker’s hiring efforts are getting some open support from the government. 

Tesla China has launched a recent hiring campaign for Gigafactory Shanghai with a particular focus on manufacturing jobs such as production operators, quality inspectors, and logistics forklift workers. The company posted a notice of its available job listings on its public WeChat account last month, which came as work on Gigafactory Shanghai’s Model Y factory ramped up. 

Interestingly enough, Tesla China’s job listings were published on Thursday by the Pudong Fabu, the official WeChat account of the Pudong New Area government, as noted by a report from The Global Times. The post all but highlights the Chinese government’s support for Tesla, which has been quite evident over the course of Giga Shanghai’s planning and construction. 

Prior to Tesla’s purchase of land in Shanghai’s Lingang Industrial Zone, the company seemed to be getting some favorable treatment from the Chinese government. Local banks gave the company low-interest loans, and during the bidding process for the site of Giga Shanghai, Tesla interestingly ended up being the sole bidder for the location. Elon Musk was also hosted at the Tower of Violet Light in Beijing, a place that was usually reserved for dignitaries. 

Gigafactory Shanghai has since provided a high benchmark for the pace of construction of the company’s vehicle production facilities. The Shanghai-based plant completed its first phase less than a year after its groundbreaking, and Model 3s ended up rolling off the line before the end of 2020. This pace has not slowed down even with the pandemic, with the Model Y factory also being built at lightning speed. 

Amidst its expansion, Tesla China has been ramping its hiring efforts. At the start of the year, for example, the electric car maker noted that it was looking to hire numerous engineers and designers covering software development, plant designing, engineering safety and manufacturing for Giga Shanghai. This hiring campaign continued even until May, a time when most of the company’s production facilities across the globe were shut down due to the pandemic. 

Tesla China has increased its reach into the local EV market, with July sales showing 11,041 units sold. The majority of these sales were comprised of the Made-in-China Model 3, which is currently being produced at Gigafactory Shanghai. 

Tesla China’s recruitment efforts receive support from the Shanghai government
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