Tesla China refutes rumors that Gigafactory Shanghai will reopen in mid-May

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A few days ago, rumors emerged that Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai would be reopening around the middle of May. The news was particularly bearish since Tesla relies on Giga Shanghai for the exports of the base Model 3 and Model Y to territories such as Europe. Fortunately, Tesla China has clamped down on the rumor, declaring it as false news. 

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has been affected by the city’s Covid lockdowns, which were initiated as a means to battle the country’s worst outbreak since the pandemic started. Since the final days of March, Giga Shanghai’s vehicle production activities have been paused. The cost of Giga Shanghai’s recent Covid-induced shutdown would likely be substantial considering the facility’s Model 3 and Model Y output

But while Gigafactory Shanghai remains paused for now, Tesla China reportedly noted that rumors about the facility reopening next month are not true. Tesla China issued the update on Friday afternoon local time. “There are rumors that Tesla told US investors that the Shanghai plant could resume work as early as mid-May and the parts chain could resume. In this regard, Tesla China said this afternoon, the rumors are false news,” a post from Sina Technology read. 

Tesla China VP Grace Tao reiterated the company’s statement. In a post on Weibo, a prominent social media platform in China, the VP clarified that reports about the electric vehicle maker reopening Giga Shanghai in May are nothing but rumors. The executive added that Tesla China is currently looking for clues that could direct the company to the rumor-mongers. 

Credit: Grace Tao/Weibo

In the United States, claims about Gigafactory Shanghai’s alleged return to operations in mid-May were shared on Twitter by a Tesla account that frequently posts updates about the company’s activities in China. The poster provided a date of May 15 for Giga Shanghai’s supposed return to production. The poster further claimed that the source of the information was a friend who works at the Tesla facility. The rumor was met with some skepticism among electric vehicle enthusiasts on Twitter, with TSLA bulls stating that such an extended shutdown period was unlikely. 

Gigafactory Shanghai plays an incredibly important part in Tesla’s operations. The facility produces thousands of electric vehicles per day, so each day that its shutdown is extended would likely result in Tesla experiencing a hit in both vehicle production and deliveries. Considering that the company has debunked the rumors of a supposed return to production in mid-May, however, then perhaps Giga Shanghai can become operational sooner than later. 

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Tesla China refutes rumors that Gigafactory Shanghai will reopen in mid-May
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