Tesla analysts still confident in TSLA despite Giga Shanghai shutdown and supply chain challenges

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Tesla analysts from Roth Capital Partners and Deutsche Bank are confident in TSLA stock and the company’s fundamentals. 

Tesla delivered a whopping 310,048 vehicles in Q1 2022, setting another record for deliveries in a quarter. The company produced 305,000 cars in the first quarter. 

Tesla delivered 184,800 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in Q1 2021. So Tesla deliveries have increased by about 60% compared to Q1 2021 — although it may not be a fair comparison since Model S and Model X production was paused at the time.

In Q4 2021, Tesla delivered 308,600 vehicles. Wall Street analysts projected that Tesla would deliver slightly more than 310,000 vehicles. Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner argued that the company still performed well considering its challenges last quarter. 

“So as you mentioned, the 310,000 units was essentially in line with Street expectations, we were slightly higher than that, but they achieved that despite being shut for the last week, which is not just a full week,” Rosner told Yahoo! Finance.

“So the last week of the quarter where they usually cram all these local deliveries, you know, to try to make numbers. And so this has been a critical week. They were shut down. It really shows that they were tracking ahead of this before that, which had been essentially our expectation. More broadly, we’ve seen Tesla execute incredibly well in a challenging supply chain environment as well,” he added.

Rosner also pointed out that Tesla’s year-over-year growth was notable, given that the global auto industry is down on a year-over-year basis. He stated that Tesla’s resilience is a testament to the company’s ability to secure its supply chain and vertically integrate when needed. 

Roth Capital Partners’ Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst, Craig Irwin, also believes Tesla has a solid foundation for growth in the industry. 

“So short term, six days where Shanghai shut down does have an impact. We still grew deliveries sequentially by a scratch, a tad,” Irwin said. “You know, Austin’s ramping, Berlin’s ramping. So if there is a larger headwind in China, there may be some complications there. But Tesla– I wouldn’t be trading Tesla for a miss here. I think they’re actually pretty well teed up for the next series of quarters.”

Irwin predicted that Tesla would see 15% to 20% sequential growth in deliveries as Giga Texas and Giga Berlin continue to ramp production and contribute to the company as a whole. 

He was excited to see how Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory would contribute to the company. Tesla Giga Texas will hold its Cyber Rodeo grand opening on April 7. It will mark the start of operations at Tesla’s new headquarters in Austin. 

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Tesla analysts still confident in TSLA despite Giga Shanghai shutdown and supply chain challenges
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