Tesla launches new Model 3 Performance: 0-60 MPH in 2.9 seconds, 296 mi range, $52990

Tesla has launched the new Model 3 Performance, an updated all-electric powerhouse with several notable changes to its affordable lineup.

Packing some serious power and bringing multiple cosmetic and performance changes to it, the Tesla Model 3 Performance will now feature improvements over the past iterations of the vehicle.

With a new drive unit that produces more continuous and peak power and 16 percent more peak torque, the Model 3 Performance is a faster vehicle than the last version and has better energy consumption.

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance poised for Q2 launch: report

For months, Tesla has hinted toward the Model 3 Performance’s imminent release. What it would pack was a whole different story; we knew it was coming, just not where it would get better.

Now, Tesla has told us exactly what has arrived:

Performance-tuned chassis

“Same quiet & comfortable cabin plus bespoke chassis hardware for improved stiffness and higher performance baseline.”

More power, lower energy consumption

“New Performance 4th gen drive unit can deliver:

  • +22% continuous power
  • +32% peak power
  • +16% peak torque

compared to previous Model 3 Performance. All with lower total energy consumption!”

Tesla Model 3 Performance packs a new kick, leaked documents show

Tires and Wheels

Forged & staggered 20″ wheels and Pirelli P Zero 4 tires now come standard on the vehicle, providing better traction and limiting traction control interventions.

These options also increase range and lower rolling resistance for better comfort.

New Track Mode

More stability and predictability, along with a consistent experience, are expected with the new Track Mode V3.

Tesla used integrated motor and suspension controls, along with powertrain cooling, and Vehicle Dynamics Controllers (VDC) under a single, unified system.

New Adaptive Damping System

“Adjusts to driver & road inputs in real-time to optimize ride & handling while also improving ride comfort. Controlled via in-house software, which means it keeps improving via future over-the-air software updates.”

New Exterior Design and Improvements

The Model 3, across all configurations, has a new body style that Tesla decided to unleash with the release of Highland. Now, it is equipped with the Model 3 Performance, offering:

  • 5% reduced drag
  • 36% lift reduction
  • 55% improvement in front-to-rear lift balance compared to the previous Model 3 Performance

New Sport Seats

Better lateral support for cornering and dynamic driving, while offering the same functionality and comfort as previous.


The new Model 3 Performance starts at $52,990 before federal tax credit and estimated gas savings.

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Tesla launches new Model 3 Performance: 0-60 MPH in 2.9 seconds, 296 mi range, $52990
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