Tesla Giga Mexico building ‘a whole new production line’ for $25k compact car: Gov. Samuel García Sepúlveda

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Tesla Gigafactory Mexico is expected to take longer to build because the company is working on a new production line for its $25k compact car. 

Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda recently announced that Tesla Gigafactory Mexico would take around 12 to 15 months to build–longer than it took Tesla China to build Giga Shanghai. Tesla China still holds the record for the fastest gigafactory made compared to Giga Berlin and Giga Texas. Giga Shanghai was entirely built in just nine months. However, there is a good reason for Giga Mexico’s extended construction period.

“In the beginning, there was talk that [Tesla] wanted to break the nine-month Shanghai record, but with the meetings, we have been having, the model they want to bring out, which is the economic model that is going to be sold massively, is going to require a whole new production line,” explained the Governor to Milenio

Tesla plans to produce one of its next-generation vehicles in Mexico. The US-based company teased three next-generation vehicles in its Master Plan Part 3 report. The first next-generation vehicle listed was a compact battery electric vehicle. Tesla’s compact electric vehicle is expected to have a competitive price tag between $25,000 to $30,000. Tesla also revealed the compact vehicle’s battery pack size and estimated production/delivery volumes in Master Plan, Part 3. 

“Right now, that production line is in the workshop, more like, working on workshops, to have a rendering and start the construction, so now we estimate that it could take between 12, 14, 15 months due to the large space that it will occupy. That production line,” he elaborated. 

Tesla Giga Mexico is expected to be larger than the company’s main gigafactory, Giga Texas, in the United States. Governor Sepúlveda hopes to turn Santa Catarina into a sustainable techno hub, starting with Giga Mexico. He hopes Tesla’s gigafactory will attract investments in Santa Catarina and neighboring cities and states. 

The Governor added that Santa Catarina moved swiftly on when Tesla gave it the green light for Giga Mexico. He hinted that the city has been working hard to quickly process requirements for Gigafactory Mexico’s water, electricity, and gas needs. 

“We are ready, we have to wait for the final render to then adapt, polish, and start the projects that Nuevo León has been ready to start since November, and as soon as Tesla tells us to go ahead, we will start,” he said.

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Tesla Giga Mexico building ‘a whole new production line’ for $25k compact car: Gov. Samuel García Sepúlveda
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