Tesla Cybertruck reservation count surpasses 2 million

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There’s no doubt that the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck has generated some talk in the electric vehicle (EV) community, but it has also garnered a massive number of reservations. According to one user-managed tally, the Cybertruck has topped two million reservations ahead of its official launch.

The Tesla Cybertruck appears to have surpassed two million customer reservations, according to a community-run Google Sheets reservation tracker created after the truck’s unveiling in 2019 (via electrek). At the time of writing, the sheet shows that 47,326 of the reservations were self-reported, and those entries can be seen under the page’s “Cybertruck” and “Other Reservations” tabs.

The data is based on a combination of self-reported reservations, the block of reservation numbers used and some of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s own statements, according to the sheet’s “Q&A” tab. Based on the number of reservations, the sheet also estimates a potential revenue of $152.13 billion and as much as $201 million in deposits alone.

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Out of the Cybertruck’s single-motor, dual-motor, tri-motor and quad-motor trims, the dual-motor is the most popular, with the tri-motor trailing behind as the second most popular. The single- and quad-motor trims both have significantly fewer reservations, accounting for just 8.12 and 8.65 percent of them, respectively.

In addition to trim percentages, the Google Sheet also includes data on reservation holders who added Full Self-Driving (FSD) to their Cybertruck purchase, representing just over 67 percent of the reservations.

You can see the full breakdown of trim categories and FSD add-ons at the time of writing below, straight from the Cybertruck reservation tracker.

Trim Trim Reservations Percent Trim^ Trim FSD Reservation Percent FSD
Single-Motor 3532 8.12% Single-Motor 1691 47.88%
Dual-Motor 21652 44.06% Dual-Motor 12808 59.15%
Tri-Motor 20050 39.17% Tri-Motor 15868 79.14%
Quad Motor (started 12/4/21) 1560 8.65% Quad Motor (started 12/4/21) 1075 68.91%
Any 46794 Any 31442 67.19%

^Percentages based on scaling Quad-Motor reservations

The Cybertruck reservation tracker reached a million units in 2021, and as many as 1.9 million units by July of this year. Musk has continually touted the Cybertruck’s strong demand, which he said earlier this year was “so off the hook, you can’t even see the hook.”

It’s worth noting that reservation holders can back out of their reservations at any time, and all that’s required to reserve a Cybertruck is a $100 refundable deposit. However, even if many reservation holders back out of purchasing the truck, the number of buyers would likely still be massive based on these figures.

As Tesla is still in pre-production for the Cybertruck, high demand will also equate to long wait times (not to mention that the vehicle was initially expected to begin deliveries in 2021). Still, this shows that many eagerly await the unique electric pickup, and recent pre-production Cybertruck sightings in the wild suggest that initial deliveries could be just around the corner.

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Tesla Cybertruck reservation count surpasses 2 million
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