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Tesla confirms it is developing wireless inductive EV charging

Credit: Tesla

Tesla confirmed it is developing a wireless inductive electric vehicle charging platform for owners in an interview with Jay Leno.

Earlier this year, Tesla hinted it was working on a wireless charging system for EVs, where owners could simply pull their cars over a stationary platform or device that would eliminate the need to plug in vehicles directly.

These rumors were first started at the Shareholder Event in March, when Tesla released an image of what appeared to be one of its vehicles wirelessly charging in a garage:

Credit: Tesla

These rumors continued to circulate throughout the year, especially as it was shown the automaker purchased a European company called Wiferion, which was working to develop wireless EV charging. It had worked with Tesla in the past for promotional materials, using its vehicles in demonstration videos.

Tesla completed its purchase of Wiferion in July, but sold the company shortly thereafter, all while keeping the company’s engineers.

Tesla sells wireless charging unit firm Wiferion, but keeps its engineers: report

Up until now, Tesla kept its developments of wireless EV charging underwraps. In a recent video review of the Cybertruck with Jay Leno, Franz von Holzhausen, the company’s Chief Designer, and Lars Moravy, the VP of Vehicle Engineering, confirmed Tesla was developing the “inductive charging:”

“Oh, we’re working on the inductive charging,” Von Holzhausen said. “So you don’t need to plug something in at that point. You just pull in your garage, drive over the pad, and you’re charging.”

Wireless charging for EVs has been in development for several years on a commercial level. In fact, the State of Michigan just completed its first EV-charging road.

Other companies, such as WAVE, have been developing wireless charging for electric vehicles, as well. However, this confirms Tesla is developing wireless charging for its vehicles, and it’s just the latest way the company is making things easier for owners.

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Tesla confirms it is developing wireless inductive EV charging
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