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Tesla sells wireless charging unit firm Wiferion, but keeps its engineers: report

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Tesla has sold Wiferion, a wireless charging startup it acquired in June 2023 for an undisclosed amount, to PULS, a DIN rail power supply provider. The EV maker, however, will reportedly keep the firm’s engineers.

The deal, which was announced in a press release, will see PULS continue to manufacture, market, and sell Wiferion’s wireless charging products globally under a new business unit, PULS Wireless, which will be based in Germany. Wiferion is regarded as a provider of wireless charging solutions for AMRs, AGVs, and electric forktrucks. 

Tesla’s acquisition of Wiferion has never really been explained by the electric vehicle maker. However, speculations were high that Tesla acquired Wiferion due to the firm’s wireless charging technology. Seemingly adding to these speculations was an image that Tesla released during Investor Day, which showed what appeared to be a Tesla Model S with a wireless charging pad underneath. 

Citing an individual reportedly familiar with the matter, The Robot Report noted that Wiferion’s engineers would not be moving to PULS. Instead, they would remain with Tesla. Wiferion’s engineers could be considered veterans in the high-power wireless power transmission industry. 

PULS has stated that nothing will change in the operational business of producing wireless power systems for Wiferion’s customers. The sales, marketing, and support teams for Wiferion will transition into a new PULS Wireless division. Julian Seume, former CSO of Wiferion, and now PULS Wireless Division Director, issued a comment about the matter. 

“PULS employs more than 100 of the best developers in the industry and has global production and sales locations that take our charging technology and scalability to a new level. Especially in the area of new product development and application support, we are now in a much stronger position and can offer our customers an even better service,” Seume said. 

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Tesla sells wireless charging unit firm Wiferion, but keeps its engineers: report
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