Sandy Munro talks Tesla Cybertruck production in Giga Texas tour

Credit: Munro Live

Automotive manufacturing expert Sandy Munro has released yet another video discussing the Tesla Cybertruck, this time talking with Head of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy and others about how the vehicle’s steel panels are produced.

On Monday, Sandy shared a new episode of Munro Live, which featured a tour of Tesla’s Cybertruck manufacturing line at its Gigafactory in Texas. The video shows how Tesla produces various parts of the Cybertruck’s hard stainless steel alloy, including a fairly in-depth discussion about the production process.

In the video, Moravy is also joined by two engineers for the production line, one of whom notes that the Cybertruck’s steel panels feature two thicknesses: 1.8 mm thick steel for the door panels, and 1.4 mm thick for all of the vehicle’s other panels.

Moravy also points out that Tesla originally had 2.53 mm thick steel, though the automaker gradually improved the strength of the steel material so that it could use thinner panels.

The tour of the factory shows off a number of interesting robotics, which can be seen moving the stainless panels around, sending them through different parts of the production line, and even holding door panels to be “air bent” into the shapes needed to make up the vehicle.

The air-bending process is shown being performed on future vehicle doors at around 28 minutes into the video, starting with a flat panel that is bent to a radius of about 5 mm on the inside and around 8.78 mm on the outside, according to Moravy.

Along with the video’s many detailed production discussions on the Cybertruck, Munro has put out multiple other deep dive videos about the vehicle since its initial delivery event. Munro also spoke with CEO Elon Musk about the Cybertruck earlier this month, and last week, Munro sat down with five of Tesla’s top executives, including Moravy.

You can watch Sandy’s full video on manufacturing the Cybertruck’s steel below, complete with a tour of the factory from Tesla Head of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy.

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Sandy Munro talks Tesla Cybertruck production in Giga Texas tour
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