Tesla Cybertruck ramp looks smooth as 100+ units spotted outside Giga Texas

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer | X

Tesla’s ramp-up of the Cybertruck seems to be going smoothly and according to plan, as somewhere around 100 units were spotted outside of Giga Texas today.

Questions surrounding the Cybertruck’s ramp-up period were undoubtedly running across the minds of every Tesla fan, investor, and employee. There has never been a vehicle like this before, and Tesla’s unorthodox design for its introductory pickup certainly inspired over a million people to put down a deposit.

However, demand was never the concern with Cybertruck. Only production and Tesla’s ability to keep up with a massive order sheet were put into question.

Tesla will help you get your Cybertruck faster, but at a cost

Tesla had slowly started to work its way toward a more accelerated production rate at Giga Texas by the end of 2023, just over a month after deliveries of the Cybertruck had started.

However, it now appears that Tesla is starting to work out the kinks and challenges that may have been confronting employees and engineers. There were over 100 units spotted on the grounds of Giga Texas today by drone operator and factory observer Joe Tegtmeyer:

The exact number of Cybertrucks that have been delivered is not known, and Tesla did not separate the pickup from other vehicles in its end-of-year delivery report. It will be interesting to see if it decides to do so at the end of Q1.

Nevertheless, Tesla has expanded Cybertruck deliveries to states outside of its initial regions of Texas and California. Drivers in Arizona, North Carolina, and Utah are just a few new states in which Tesla has initiated Cybertruck deliveries.

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Tesla Cybertruck ramp looks smooth as 100+ units spotted outside Giga Texas
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