Tesla Cybertruck arrives in New Zealand for apparent winter tests

Image Credit: @ModelAZ/Cybertruck Owners Club

Tesla appears to have sent a Cybertruck to New Zealand. Expectations are high that the all-electric pickup will be transported to Wanaka, New Zealand, for a final round of winter tests before it enters initial production at Gigafactory Texas. 

The short video of the Cybertruck was shared on social media this weekend. And while the clip showed a vehicle that was fully covered being unloaded from an aircraft, the Cybertruck’s now-iconic angular design is very hard to miss. The video has made the rounds online, from forums like the Cybertruck Owners Club to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

While it seems a bit strange to winter test a vehicle in July, New Zealand is home to the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG), an award-wing proving ground that’s located on the South Island of the country. The facility offers winter testing from June to September, and it is typically used by automotive and tire manufacturers. 

Tesla actually featured the SHPG in a video that it posted on YouTube last December. The video featured the company’s team in New Zealand, who were then working the Model Y’s Track Mode feature. Tesla’s existing lineup of vehicles could also be seen Model S and Model X in the video, such as the Model S sedan and Model X SUV. 

While it is exciting to see the Cybertruck being brought over to the SHPG for what could very well be a final round of winter testing before the vehicle enters initial production, videos and photos of the vehicle’s tests would likely not be leaked in the coming weeks. This is due to the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds’ focus on the confidentiality of its clients, which is highlighted on the facility’s website. 

“Our 16 private, land-based test areas ensure absolute confidentiality. With extensive infrastructure and an experienced alpine management team, SHPG’s snow and ice facilities are world-leading, in line with strict industry standards,” the SHPG’s official website read. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to start initial production this year.

Watch Tesla’s feature on its New Zealand July winter tests in the video below.

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Tesla Cybertruck arrives in New Zealand for apparent winter tests
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