Tesla owner highlights need for Model 3 HEPA filter after encountering coal-rolling “blockade”

Image Credit: @NateWiki/Twitter

A Tesla Model 3 owner has highlighted the need for a HEPA filter on the all-electric sedan, similar to those used in the Model Y, Model X, and Model S following a rather tense experience with a pickup truck “blockade” on the road. 

A clip shared by Tesla owner @NateWiki showed three pickup trucks seemingly blocking his way, at least until one of the vehicles “coal rolled” and sent fumes directly onto the Model 3. The incident resulted in the Model 3 temporarily losing forward visibility as the black fumes from one of the pickup trucks hit the all-electric car. 

“Taking my Model 3 out on a road trip and these three a******s form a blockade in front of me and send all their fumes my direction. This should be illegal. Really wish I had a HEPA air filter right now,” the Tesla owner wrote in a Twitter post.

Teslas that are equipped with HEPA filters come with a dedicated feature that ensures clean air in the cabin, regardless of the air quality outside. The feature, fondly dubbed by the company as “Bioweapon Defense Mode,” was debuted in the Model X SUV, though it was later extended to the Model S and the Model Y. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has maintained, however, that the HEPA filter needed for Bioweapon Defense Mode is simply too large for the Model 3. 

The need for a HEPA filter on the Model 3 has been so notable that aftermarket companies have come up with products that fit the all-electric sedan. These filters, while visibly smaller than the ones equipped in the Model S and Model X, feature activated charcoal to help combat odors that tend to seep into the cabin.  

Unfortunately for Tesla owners, or any other EV owners for that matter, the practice of coal rolling is mostly considered a nuisance on US roads. Several states have outlawed the practice, such as Maine, Utah, New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado, and Connecticut, but other states are yet to follow. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has spoken up against coal rolling, however, noting that the practice is a major source of air pollution. It also places individuals at risk of developing asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory infections, the EPA noted. 

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Tesla owner highlights need for Model 3 HEPA filter after encountering coal-rolling “blockade”
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