Tesla Cybertruck with camo wrap still seems to be missing its rear light bar

Image Credit: S.E. Robinson, Jr./Twitter

Back in February, Elon Musk assured the Tesla community that the production version of the Cybertruck would retain its well-loved light bar, which served as the original prototype’s rear lights. Recent sightings of a camouflaged Cybertruck unit in the wild show that this detail still needs to be incorporated into the company’s newer units. 

The recent sighting of the camouflaged Cybertruck was short, and it showed the all-electric pickup truck accelerating after making a turn. As it approached a corner, the driver of the Cybertruck braked, and one could see that the vehicle’s brake lights still came in the form of two small red lights. The red light bar that spanned the tailgate did not seem to be present. 

A good part of the Cybertruck’s futuristic look is its Blade Runner-like lights. The original Cybertruck prototype featured a light bar for its headlights that spanned the hood of the vehicle, and its tail lights spanned the entire length of its rear. This changed in more recent production alpha units, which only featured a small tail light on the left and right side. 

It was these observations that ultimately prompted Elon Musk back in February to assure EV enthusiasts that the Cybertruck’s production version would retain the original prototype’s red light bar. Musk’s update was received well by the electric vehicle community, especially since the vehicle was already nearing production. 

Speculations of the Cybertruck’s upcoming production became more prominent recently, as a camouflaged unit has been spotted driving around Palo Alto, California. The presence of the camouflage wrap on the Cybertruck prompted speculations that the design of the all-electric pickup truck had been finalized. Car companies typically place camouflage wraps on their prototypes to hide designs and parts that are yet to be formally revealed, after all. 

But as per the recent sighting, the red light bar that Musk promised back in February is still missing. With this in mind, it would appear that Tesla has not really finalized the design of the Cybertruck just yet. Tesla may also end up releasing the Cybertruck with non-light bar tail lights, which would be a bummer since EV community members have never really preferred the smaller lights.

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Tesla Cybertruck with camo wrap still seems to be missing its rear light bar
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