Tesla Cybertruck beta practices turns and tests its suspension in new aerial video

Image Credit: Met God in Wilderness/YouTube

Elon Musk has said a number of crazy things about the Tesla Cybertruck. Since its dramatic unveiling in late 2019, Musk has noted that the all-electric pickup truck will be equipped with so much tech that it would be Tesla’s magnum opus, at least to date. Musk has also noted that the Cybertruck would be able to act like a boat.

More recently, the Tesla CEO also remarked that the Cybertruck would have a turning radius that’s probably better than the Model Y crossover, a much smaller vehicle. While owner comments have suggested that the Model Y’s turning radius is not necessarily one of the vehicle’s strongest suits, the idea of a hulking pickup truck having a smaller turning radius than a crossover SUV is still insane.

Yet, according to a recent video from a Tesla Fremont Factory watcher who runs the Met God in Wilderness YouTube channel, the Tesla Cybertruck’s turning radius is really quite something. Over the course of the Tesla watcher’s recent video, the all-electric pickup truck could be seen performing numerous turns — and they look pretty tight. Overall, it does seem like the Cybertruck’s handling is quite impressive, thanks in part to features like its rear-wheel steering.

Also interesting in the recently-shared video was the Cybertruck’s suspension tests, which were conducted near the Fremont Factory’s test tracks. While unsurprising, it is quite pleasant to see that Tesla seems to be ensuring that the Cybertruck would be as comfortable as possible. Other all-electric pickup trucks like the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning, after all, have received praise for their ride quality. The Cybertruck must therefore also offer a comfortable ride.

While it is quite difficult to make out details of the Cybertruck in the Tesla watcher’s video, it would appear that the unit sighted testing around the Fremont Factory was a production beta unit. The vehicle also appears to be set up with all-season tires and aero wheel covers, which would likely be an option for the all-electric pickup truck once orders are opened.

Watch the video of the Tesla Cybertruck’s tests around the Fremont Factory in the video below.

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Tesla Cybertruck beta practices turns and tests its suspension in new aerial video
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