Tesla takes luxury crown in Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Image Awards for 4th year in a row

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Tesla has taken the title of “Best Overall Luxury Brand” in vehicle valuation and automotive research company Kelley Blue Book’s (KBB) 2023 Brand Image Awards. This marks the fourth year in a row that the electric vehicle maker won the title.

KBB noted that Brand Image is not just about whether consumers know that a brand exists. Thus, the winners in the 2023 Brand Image Awards are companies that have brand images capable of inciting excitement among car shoppers. Considering the rise of the EV sector, KBB also opted to add a new award this year — Best Overall EV Brand.

As it turns out, Tesla did quite well in the luxury segment, so much so that the company earned several luxury-based awards. It should be noted that KBB’s winners for its 2023 Brand Image Awards are based on data from the firm’s annual Brand Watch Study.

Tesla won “Best Overall Luxury Brand” in Kelley Blue Book’s 2023 Brand Image Awards. The EV maker also won “Best Value Luxury Brand” and “Best Performance Luxury Brand.” These two awards are impressive but not surprising, considering the bang-for-the-buck nature of vehicles like the Model 3 and the supercar-beating performance of cars like the Model S Plaid.

Interestingly enough, Kelley Blue Book also gave Tesla the “Most Refined Luxury Brand” award, with the firm noting that “Tesla models are clean and elegant inside and out.” One would not be faulted for being quite surprised at this award, considering the mainstream stereotypes attached to Teslas and the refinement of their vehicles, especially when it comes to build quality.

Considering the numerous awards that Tesla gained, it was not surprising that the company also won the 2023 Brand Image Awards’ “Best EV Brand” title. Such a title is well-justified, considering the sheer dominance of Tesla in the United States’ electric vehicle sector. After all, despite the growing number of competitors in the market, vehicles like the Model Y have maintained their dominance in their respective segments.

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Tesla takes luxury crown in Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Image Awards for 4th year in a row
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