Tesla Cybertruck may be better in turning than Model Y: Elon Musk

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There are a number of shocking things that can be said about the Cybertruck. Its looks are nothing like anything else on the road today, and its features are designed to dominate the electric pickup truck sector. In true Tesla fashion, the Cybertruck’s performance is also nothing to scoff at. But as per a recent comment from CEO Elon Musk, the Cybertruck will also have a rather surprising turning radius.

Musk’s recent comment was posted on Twitter as a response to a video featuring recent Cybertruck sightings. In his reply, the CEO noted that the hulking, all-electric steel pickup might actually be better at turning than the best-selling Tesla Model Y crossover. 

Considering the size difference between the Tesla Model Y and the Cybertruck, Musk’s statement is pretty shocking. The Model Y, after all, features a length of 187 inches, while the Cybertruck is expected to be a whopping 231 inches long. But inasmuch as Elon Musk tends to be pretty optimistic with his estimates on Tesla’s vehicles, his comment about the Cybertruck’s turning radius may be right on the mark. 



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This is because the Tesla Cybertruck, despite its massive size, features rear-wheel steering. This feature has already been sighted in prototypes of the vehicle over the past months, and expectations are high that the function will make it to the pickup’s production version. With rear-wheel steering, the Cybertruck’s turning radius will definitely be quite manageable. 

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To be fair, conversations among electric vehicle owners in forums like the Tesla Motors Club have mentioned that the Model Y’s turning radius is 12.1 m (39.8 ft), which is one of the all-electric crossover’s negative points. Despite this, it would still be pretty interesting to see such a large vehicle like the Cybertruck accomplish smaller turns than a crossover SUV. That will, if any, make the Cybertruck seem even more unreal than it already is.

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter initial production sometime this summer, as per comments from Elon Musk. Considering the number of sightings of production beta Cybertrucks being shared online, this timeframe seems increasingly realistic. Months before the initial production of vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y, after all, sightings of production beta units saw a rise. This seems to be happening now with the Cybertruck. 

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Tesla Cybertruck may be better in turning than Model Y: Elon Musk
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